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A Snapshot of Success

Meet Your New Banking & Finance Recruitment Partner

At AJC, we approach banking and finance recruitment in a more thorough, personal way that transcends the transactional. Interested in learning more? Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to.

AJC by the Numbers

There’s no ceiling on the talent we can source for you. And when opportunity knocks, we make sure that it’s offered to everyone. Check out our hires over the past two year

Investing in the Next Generation

AJC has created an annual scholarship aimed at women who will help shape the future of the financial industry, ensuring that a more diverse base of finance talent has a chance to flourish. We will be funding the scholarship and are excited to launch in 2024!

A Sample of Recent Searches

AJC strives to become a relentless extension of your business. We accomplish that goal by aligning ourselves with the top talent in the banking industry. Here’s what we’re working on now:

A Deeper Take on Testing

AJ Consultants now leverages the Berke Assessment to tailor candidate screening to the specific cultures and needs of clients, which sets us apart from the industry’s usual onesize-fits-all approach. The tool evaluates the following:

This process allows for data-driven results, minimizes bias, and calls upon predictive analytics to ensure future hiring success. By customizing the assessment for each client, AJC saves time and client cost while facilitating highly effective hires. This retained search tool, combined with our relationship-driven approach, allows us to be more effective for you.

Focus, knowledge, and proven results form our unrivaled expertise. Work with AJ Consultants and experience the difference dedication can make.