B.J. Berrettini

B.J. Berrettini

Executive Director – New England

B.J. Berrettini is the New England Recruiting Manager at AJ Consultants. He is entrenched in the Greater Boston banking world and services a number of clients in throughout New England (MA, NH, RI, ME, CT, VT, and NY). Relying on his consultative approach and sharp business acumen B.J. has a solid track record of developing new markets and finding long term success by building targeted relationships. B.J.s clients value his meticulous approach leaving no stone unturned, his passion for learning about their mission and corporate culture, and his ability to find the right candidate in a reasonable amount of time.

Before joining AJ Consultants, B.J. worked for Bank of America and an MRI Recruiting firm after building a solid foundation as a Manufacturer’s Representative in the plastics industry. He credits his strong relationship skills, strategic methods, and drive to succeed to his roots in manufacturing.

B.J. is a graduate of Penn State University with a BS in Marketing and minor in Management.

When B.J. isn’t recruiting top banking talent he enjoys fitness, hunting (go figure), fishing, and spending time outdoors with his family and friends.

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