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BJ Berrettini Promoted

From Adam Eckels, Owner of AJ Consultants “It’s with great pride that I announce AJ Consultants very own BJ Berrettini has been promoted to Executive Director here at the firm. For nearly nine years, BJ has been a big part of AJ Consultants. His hard work, loyalty, strong performance, ethics and industry expertise made this decision an obvious one. I am extremely happy for BJ and his family. I know that he will continue to help this firms’ future, while dominating New England. Congrats B.J.!”

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you Adam. I am truly honored by the gesture and mutual commitment this represents for the betterment of the firm and the markets we serve. I cannot wait to see what the next nine years has in store as we continue to make a difference within the banking world. A special thanks the partners, clients and individuals we serve every day. Without you this would not be possible. Please know, my promotion simply means my team and I are in better position to assist you in achieving your goals now and in the future,” Berrettini said.

Berrettini has been with the firm for nearly a decade. He is entrenched in the Greater Boston banking world and services a number of clients in throughout New England (MA, NH, RI, ME, CT, VT, and NY). Before joining AJ Consultants, B.J. worked for Bank of America and an MRI Recruiting firm after building a solid foundation as a Manufacturer’s Representative in the plastics industry. He credits his strong relationship skills, strategic methods, and drive to succeed to his roots in manufacturing.

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